501(c)4 “Non-Profits and the IRS

As I understand it, 4501(c)4’s are supposed to be social welfare operations, and are allowed very limited political activities. If that definition is correct, then the IRS was actually doing it’s job to investigate the thousands of applications for 401(c)4 status filed by the Tea Party wannabes. If any fault is due, it is for the IRS NOT investigation the outright violation of the law by the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and Glen Beck.

Let’s hope that the Congressional investigation reveals the truth here, and that the IRS gets funded in order to enforce the laws so blatantly broken by these frauds.

All this is to undermine the possibility that Clinton might run and get elected. That possibility is just too much for the GOTP to swallow. They gotta do something drastic to keep her out.

Mr. O : Pull up your big boy britches and back your folks who did what they were supposed to do.


One comment on “501(c)4 “Non-Profits and the IRS

  1. Jim says:

    Did anyone catch the mistake? 501(c)4 is the correct IRS code.

    Hmmmm. Dobby is at it again.


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